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Searching: Different Algorithms for Different Data Structures

Different Searches for Different Data Structures This is another article developed from a question posed on Quora. A user asked how different data structures effect the search operation, and if so how? This is a great question, and indeed a fundamental question as it highlights the importance of choosing the right data structure for the […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Well It’s 2022 So i’ve been working diligently in my spare time to bring more content to Aside from the regular Data Structure and Algorithm articles, i’ve been working on completely redoing the C++/BearLibTerminal Roguelike tutorial that was the main feature of my old website ( I had never gotten that […]

From Grids To Graph: transforming representation

Grids & Graphs Grids are a special cases of Graphs called Lattice Graphs, and they show up and time and time again, particularly in Game Development. Certain categories of games, such as Rogue like games are heavily grid based. For the purposes of this article we are going to generate a simple “maze like, Rogue […]