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Functional Enlightenment and the Java Streams API

Functional Programming with Java Early in my career, I had a lead developer on a project who during code review, much to my chagrin, kept making me re-write what was in my opinion “perfectly good, working code”. To my lead however, the code was utter crap. Frequently, the piece of code in need of refactoring […]

Enforcing uniqueness of objects in std::set<> and std::unordered_set<>

Unique Collections  Knowing that a collection is comprised of unique only items if a very useful thing indeed. It’s so useful that this concept is the basis of one of the fundamental data structure: the Set. While this is not the only reason for using  a set data structure, it’s probably the most common. Many […]

[Blog] The importance of studying data structures and algorithms.

Often while browsing stackoverflow and reddit, I come across alot of people stating that in todays day and age the learning data structures and algorithms is not as important as it once was. With feature rich modern languages, powerful IDE’s, and more open source libraries than you can shake a stick at, many developers don’t see […]