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Reversing a Linked List

I see this question get raised on various forums and message boards all the time: “How do you reverse a Linked List?”. I’m sure it’s a leetcode question, but I’m too lazy to confirm. It’s one of those questions that (nowadays) lacks real world applicability, yet remains in elementary programming courses to frustrate newbies, and […]

Data Structure Visualization Revisited

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am keenly interested in methods of generating visual representations of data structures, and data movement as algorithms progress. I recently revisited the Idea of generating images of various linked data structures as they are generated. I’ve been looking for the right library to handle the graphics side of […]

Evaluating S-Expressions

S-Expressions are an interesting notation for representing expressions. Taking the form of nested lists prefixed with an operator, they are most recognizable as the syntax of the various Lisp programming languages. Their somewhat alien appearance, and notoriously judicious use of parentheses is quickly offset however by their power and utility once properly acquainted with them.In […]

Factoradic Number Systems

Like many other software engineers out there, I love XKCD so whenever Randall publishes a comic with something computationally interesting I like to take a stab at it. Friday’s comic (2835) was just such a comic. It has to do with “factorial” or factoradic numbers, which Randall eloquently describes as “the number system that sounds […]